Richard MackieBorn in Ventura, CA, Rich grew up in California and upstate New York as a competitive athlete and an accomplished hockey player. As an undergraduate at SUNY Buffalo, Rich worked for a prestigious personal injury litigation firm and volunteered at a non-profit firm specializing in legal aid for low-income individuals. These experiences solidified his passion for helping those in need through law.

Rich moved back to California to attend law school at California Western School of Law in San Diego. Rich has been with the Simpson Law Group since law school, gaining experience in all aspects of personal injury and civil litigation under the expertise of the attorneys at Simpson Law Group. From an eager to learn law student asking to be around and help in any way, to an intern, to a full-time intern for law school credits, to a post-bar law clerk, Rich has been a part of the Simpson Law Group family for some time. Upon graduating from California Western, passing the California bar exam on his first attempt, Rich is now the most recent trial attorney at the Simpson Law Group. Rich is well versed in automobile accidents and premise liability and focuses on any and all cases where clients have been injured.

Rich became an attorney because of his fierce passion to help and stand for those that have been injured, who have no one to turn to for help and who typically get bullied by big-business insurance companies. Rich’s tenacity, dedication, and aggressiveness as a trial attorney is only matched by the loyalty, compassion, and care he has for clients.

Rich is an active member of the Consumer Attorneys of California, Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, and the San Diego County Bar Association. In his free time, Rich enjoys surfing in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and barbequing on the beaches of San Diego all year-round.

Truck Accident Statistics

The U.S. Department of Transportation Reports That:

  • About 500,000 trucking collisions occur yearly.

  • 5,000 of these accidents are fatal.

  • 87,000+ of these truck accidents result in injury.

  • Nearly 90% of all truck crashes are caused by human error.

  • 3 in every 4 crashes are caused by another passenger car—not the truck driver.

  • Only 1% of truck accidents are caused by truck driver intoxication.

  • Fatigue accounts for 30% of truck driver caused accidents.